Plabayo — Play, Work and Grow

Plabayo was co-founded in 2021 by Elizabeth C. Gonzales Belsuzarri and Glen Henri J. De Cauwsemaecker.

We are located in Ghent, Belgium and are available with events on premise within Belgium.

Remotely we are open to any location and timezone.

Education, Privacy and transparency is at the core of our mission.

Whether you have questions, are in need of our services or wish to work together with us, you can reach out to us by mail at

You can stay up to date with our progress and thoughts by reading our blog, also available by RSS.

All our work is open source, transparent and with respect to privacy. Often it is Gratis as well. You can support us by donating. This helps is pay infrastructure costs and helps a bit in funding all the hours and energy we put into our projects as well as contributions to projects of others.


Glen offers his consultancy services within the realms of software:

The entire software development cycle;
Including, but not only limited to, architecture, prototyping, R&D, technical UX, development, testing, reviewing and debugging;
Topics include backend development, data scraping, tooling, automatization, game programming, game engine development, API design and more;
Programming language expertise in Rust, Go and Python, with a background in C++ and comfortable with many other languages;
Workshops, classes, mentoring and talks are also possible.

Rates and terms are agreed upon directly with the client and are in function of their needs and requirements.

Availability is limited. If interested, please reach out to Glen by email on

Elizabeth can be hired as a consultant as well. She's the person you're looking for if you are in need of a consultant related to:

Education inspired by montessori;
Conscious parenting;
Process automatization and business analytics.

She can find a fitting solution to any problem and does so with great passion.

If you want to make use of her services you can reach her by email on


Next to consulting and our open source contributions we also work on some projects of our own.

You can find all our projects on our our Github organization home page .