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Hola, we are Plabayo!

Glen De Cauwsemaecker

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27 March 2022

Hola, welcome on our blog and very warm greetings to you.

Plabayo was co-founded in 2021 by Elizabeth C. Gonzales Belsuzarri and Glen Henri J. De Cauwsemaecker. We are located in Ghent, Belgium and are available with events on premise within Belgium.

On our website you can find more information about us, our consultancy services, our projects and information related to how to contact us or find us elsewhere.

On our blog you'll be able to follow our progress, thoughts and motivations.

Elizabeth and Glen have several reasons why they founded Plabayo. At the core of our mission is: Education, Privacy and transparency.

Plabayo is not yet a full time company, all the work we do for Plabayo is work we do in our freetime, when our kids are in bed or at school, and when our full times job are not calling us.

Should you wish to work with us, than please do so by using our contact page as advertised on our website. And if you wish, you could also support us and help us spend more time on Plabayo and its various activities by donating.

And with this, I conclude this first blog post.