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Elizabeth Gonzales Belsuzarri

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1 June 2022

In the current times, several issues have surfaced due the circumstances generated by worldwide problems such as COVID-19. Thanks to the accessibility to media, we were able to keep ourselves inform about better ways to deal with challenges that those issues brought to. In our process to adapt to the new security polities, economical changes and more, in the last years, our focus went more towards health, personal growth, the inner world, spirituality, and many other answers we have been pursuing to navigate the past years as best as we could.

The positive side of these challenging times is that we have got a new opportunity to re-focus and re-evaluate what really matters to us, in our present moment, and what changes we could make for a better, healthier, fulfill life that all of us can choose to have.

Among those subjects the working and practicing on raising our awareness of our emotional world and gaining the capacity to choose what emotions we want to feel, besides managing it in a way that support us, turned into a strong baseline to reach goals, to create better habits or to have inner peace, and this even could give us the space to appreciate what we already have, and see our work in progress to what we can be.

The awareness and strength of our emotional and psychological world is a key component to successed challenging and painful situations, with a learner mindset, to get back on our feet, to get stronger, hopeful and grateful.

Parenting is an aspect of our lives we are learning to shape it, and the question arises: what kind of parent do I want to be? Best answer I have found is: I want to be my most honest self on my parenting style, I want to offer connection because I know how to connect with myself. And the most honest answer: Therefore I am parent on the making, on the day by day decisions I make, and who I choose to be everyday. Because I can choose to express my inner authentic truth, which would mean I can bring out my most authentic contribution to others. Specially the ones most closed to me.

Having the above in mind. I would like to offer you this list of resources, that I can recommend you to check it out, either in books or on internet. Please, feel free to take from them what you need to, or adapt them to your needs, because we all have different main topics to focus on at this time.

  1. Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali, related to the emotional world and great connection to our children we highly this work, it will give you a broader view on self-regulations, how to let go of reactivity by being more aware of our own triggers, fears, and source of anxiously, in order to nurture in the best way our connection with our children.

  2. The Whole Brain Child by Dr Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, this book offers an easy way to explain what is happening in our children's brain, so we can understand them and apply possible strategies for a better emotional environment.

  3. No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame, this book can offer you good advices about how to set boundaries in a positive way, which is very important, for us and our children, to learn how to communicate boundaries clearly and learn to respect others boundaries too.

  4. How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen: A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7 by Joanna Faber and Julie King, a clear and emphatic communication is also key for building great connection.

If you have found this subjects interested, and would like to get more information and/or being part of a community that talks and exchange experiences about this matters in Ghent, Belgium. Let me know at, As the subject of your email you can please use: Parenting Tools Community.