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Plabayo News

website: https://github.com/plabayo/news

This project is in early development.

A conscious social news website focusing on parenting, spirituality, science and psychology.

Closed beta is planned in Q2 of 2022, source code can already be found at: https://github.com/plabayo/news, where you can also find a more technical description about the project, its architecture and design.


Plabayo news is community driven:

  • articles need to be shared, with a focus on quality;
  • content needs to be curated and moderated;
  • translations needs to be provided for international reach;
  • code is to be maintained and improved in service of the community;

If you wish start contributing as a developer you can use https://github.com/plabayo/news/blob/main/CONTRIBUTING.md as a starting point.

On https://github.com/plabayo/news/discussions you can ask questions, find news updates, collaborate with translators and developers, post ideas, give your feedback and interact with the community in general.

And of course by sharing high quality content relevant to our topics, you are greatly helping as well.

Plabayo news is developed Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and is gratis on top of that. It is with respect of privacy with zero-tracking and crafted with dedication.

You can support us by donating This helps is pay infrastructure costs and helps a bit in funding all the hours and energy we put into this project.